We feel it is important for any Surgeon to know his or her results and be able to communicate these effectively to any patient. Very few surgeons do this.

Surgeons with more experience and higher volumes tend to have better results.

Mr Eddy has collected and knows his results in detail.


Patients looking for a Surgeon for any operation should ask for those results and ask if they have been presented or published but not all surgeons collect their own outcomes. In addition only very few Surgeons who perform Robotic Prostatectomy have presented or published their results, it’s important for patients to look for these surgeons. Mr Eddy has always collected prospective data on his outcomes and below you will find results and where they have been presented or published.

Outcomes of  Robotic Prostatectomy surgery are measured in many ways, operative times, complications, reoperations, hospital stay and readmissions. But also pathological data including what’s called positive margins or cancer at the edge of the specimen and also long term outcomes including recovery of continence, erectile function, cancer recurrence and the need for second line treatments.




Below is a presentation at the Royal Society Of Medicine on Outcomes on Mr Eddy’s results of previous 1010 patients.

Presentation of results from Mr Eddy's Robotic Radical Prostatectomy Series of 1010 Consectutive patients at the Royal Society of Medicine

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Results data

This poster below was presented at BAUS 2015, comparing our Robotic Surgery patients to previous Open Prostatectomy patients before robotic surgery was introduced.

Below this slide was taken from a Presentation from Intuitive Surgical, the manufacturer of the Da Vinci Robot who used Mr. Eddy’s departmental results.

We have looked specifically at what affects continence recovery and have presented this data at numerous meetings including the British Association of Urological Surgeons in 2016.

Related to this we have presented many points of technique, this is our Bladder neck sparing data presented at European Association of Urology conference

Below is data presented at ERUS 2017 from our Fellowship training programme.

We have also looked at what’s happens to our men on discharge, how long it takes them to get back to work or normal daily activities, poster presentation seen below

Below is Length of stay data for all centres performing Radical Prostatectomy Surgery in 2015 with Mr. Eddy’s centre in green, a short hospital stay shows a good outcome.

Below is data presented in the form of funnel plots from the National Prostate Cancer audit, this is independent collected data based on questionnaires sent to patients.

The top graph is for continence and the bottom graph is for sexual function. A good result is in the green zone, the best results are the centres that get closest to the top right corner and worst results to the bottom left. The red dot represents Mr Eddy’s robotic Prostatectomy service in Canterbury.

Additional data

Patients can also look up outcome data from British Association of Urological Surgeons website below